Need a pep talk? I got you, boo.

Copywriting for brands who give a damn.

Get words that'll make your audience do a double-take—so your revenue takes off.
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OK, seriously. Writing is the worst.

I mean, unless you're some kind of weirdo* who's hell-bent on finding the exact right phrase... to convey the exact right emotion... so people do exactly what you hope they'll do: Buy. Enroll. Participate. Donate.

*It's me. I'm that kind of weirdo.

Having trouble with your copy?
Lemme at it.

Brand messaging so clear people say, "Ooooo! Gimme!" before you're even done talking
Website copy so captivating your audience clamors for the "buy now" button
Lead generators so irresistible you get your foot in the door with a whole lotta new people who need what you've got
Emails so winsome looky-lookers automagically transform into spendy-spenders
Projects start at $3,000. I provide up-front, no-nonsense pricing, I'm crystal clear about what you get for your money, and I actually make good on my promises. (What can I say? I'm the only child of a church organist and an Air Force Colonel. I couldn't lack integrity if I tried.)

Let's talk about "give a damn."

When I say "brands who give a damn," it's about posture, not product.*

You could be a toilet seat manufacturer and give a damn.
Or you could be a "helping professional" who's kiiiiiiind of a jerk.

Basically, if you're trying to right wrongs, heal humans, or generally make the world a better place—and if making money isn't your only motive—you're my people.

And I'll work my tail off to help you do your thing.

*Giving a damn does not require cussing like a trucker. If you're not cool with the @#%!, that's cool with me. I make sure your copy sounds like you.

Kelley Hartnett, she/her/hers
Founder, Tall Tree Collective
Appreciator of Well-Placed Expletives

I'm your biggest fan.

Sooooooo, here's the thing: You're a freaking rockstar.

Being a regular human is tough enough. Being a world-changing, paradigm-shifting, industry-flipping human like you? That's exhausting. But you're out here doing it anyway.

Which is why if we work together, you don't just get yummy copy. You also get a co-conspirator who reminds you on the regular that what you're doing matters.

In other words, you're not the only one who gives a damn. So let's do this together.

Holy sh*t!

And other feedback that made my day...

HOLY SHIT ... your copy BLEW OUR MINDS!!!! Thank you so much for your hard work and for helping us put words to our mission. Seriously this new website and just being able to EXPLAIN what we do is going to change our business and YOU did that.
Chris & Sarah Helms
The Couples Academy
Kelley is an amazing sounding board, an infinitely curious person who listened so intently and captured the essence of our brand, and she's the most talented copywriter I've ever had the pleasure of working with!
Hands down, Kelley is the best sales writer I've ever worked with. She has this uncanny ability to step right into the shoes of an audience, to feel what they're feeling, and to find just the right words to stop them in their tracks.
I’ve struggled to find writers who simply “get it.” Writers who know how to match a brand tone, engage the reader in a compelling story, and lead to a sale. I know when I hand Kelley a project, she’ll take it and create something powerful and effective.
Kyler Nixon
Kyler Creative
I was nervous about expanding my team, but Kelley dove into a complex project right away and was an absolute pro. In addition to being a gifted writer, she's reliable, trustworthy, and a joy to work with.
Allison Fallon
Find Your Voice

Buh bye, blinking cursor.

H'lo, offloading your copy so you can do whatever the heck else you'd rather be doing. (Which I suspect is pretty much anything.)


Let's size each other up.
Fit is super important—in terms of skill, values, and personality.
Over virtual coffee*, we'll see if 1) I'm the best person to help you and 2) we think we'll like working together.


Get what you pay for.
I can't stand it when good people get ripped off.
Effective copy is spendy, and it's reasonable to expect a return on your investment. I'll deliver it.


Humble brag your face off.
"We're doing so well I can barely keep up!"
Now that's a good problem to have. And the right copy can absolutely make it happen.

*I'd rather scrub the inside of a monkey cage with my toothbrush than have a "sales call." I swear on my tube of Colgate this will be an easy-breezy conversation with 0% pressure. If I'm not the right person to help you, I'll tell you so—and I'll connect you with some other stellar options.

"Shut up and take my money."

(That's my impression of your audience after they read your new copy. Like it?)

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